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Raisin Scarf

This scarf was named after the alpaca, who gave his/her fur up to spin into this lovely yarn!

Raisin Scarf

Size 13 (9mm)  Any weight yarn will work for this.  Adjust needle and co size accordingly.

CO 20

Row 1 – Knit

Row 2 – Knit

Row 3 – Start Pattern


Row 1 – Knit

Row 2 – Knit

Row 3 – K2, *Yo, k2tog* repeat from * to last 2 stitches, K2

Row 4 – K2, Purl to last 2 stitches, K2

Make scarf as long as you would like.

Knit last 4 rows.

Bind off


Starry Twinkle Dishcloth

I’ve seen other patterns like this before.. but all of them seem to leave out details like needle size, how to make the borders.. or how much to cast on.   This is my version on several patterns.  I hope you enjoy it!

Starry Twinkle Dishcloth

Size 5 (3.75mm)  CO 37
Size 7 (4.5mm)  CO 33

Both make same size cloth
Cotton worsted weight
Note:  this is approximately a 7×7 cloth.

To increase or change width of dishcloth size cast on in Muliples of 4 + 1  (4×9=36 +1) until desired width of dishcloth.

Knit 4 rows
On 5th row start pattern below.
Row 1: (right side) Knit
Row 2: K4, P1, *StarPattern, P1; repeat from * last 4.  K4 to end
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: K4, P3, StarPattern, *P1, StarPattern; repeat from * to last 7 stitches, P3, K4
Repeat these 4 rows until approx 1 inch of desired length.
Last 4 rows, Knit.
Bind off.
Purl 3 stitches together, leaving the stiches on the left-hand needle.
Wrap the yarn around the needle, then purl the same 3 stitches together again.

Welcome to the new Susie Q Knits!

Welcome!  Glad you found me.   I’m a almost 40 year old from Michigan.  I’m married with 2 step kids, 2 cats, and 2 birds.  I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of crochet and  I learned to knit in December of 2010 and I haven’t been able to stop since.  I have too many things on my needles and I may never finish!  =D    Stick around, I’ll be adding some of my own patterns very soon!