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Saloma’s Slippers

This pattern is from my Great Grandma.  She’s been gone for almost 10 years now but everyone misses her slippers!   One day, while I was looking thru my moms RECIPE box, I found the pattern.  (yes, I said RECIPE box!  My mom has been gone since I was 15, but I still find things in the oddest places from her)  Anyway… I tried and tried to make the slippers from the pattern.. but they just weren’t coming out right.   Finally one day, I asked a friend of the family if she happened to have the correct pattern.  And she did!    Now they are coming out perfectly!   Don’t tell my Aunts, but they are all getting a pair for Christmas!

I know they look weird, but TRUST me, they stretch to fit.

This pattern is for size 7-8 Womans.   Increase to 26 stitches to get 9-10, etc.

kfb = Knit front back
k2tog = knit two together
ssk = slip slip knit

No. 6 needles

Cast on 6 sts.

Worsted weight yarn

Row 1: kfb, knit to last stitch, kfb

Row 2: Knit across

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 24 stitches.

Increase Row: Knit 10, kfb in remaining stitches (38 stitches)

The next section is 6 inches of 2×2 ribbing:

K2, P2 (on the back side you may have to start on a on a purl, the best way to say this for ribbing is: Knit the knits and purl the purls)

Decrease row: Knit 10, K2tog across row – 24 sts. on needle

Row 3: Knit across

Row 4: k2tog, knit across to last two stitches, SSK

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have 6 stitches.

Bind off 6 stitches

Fold in half. Using a wip stitch, sew up 1 front slant and toe. On the opposite side, sew up only heal. Leaving long slant and top open. turn right side out. Pom pon if you wish.

Good Luck!