Saloma’s Slippers

This pattern is from my Great Grandma.  She’s been gone for almost 10 years now but everyone misses her slippers!   One day, while I was looking thru my moms RECIPE box, I found the pattern.  (yes, I said RECIPE box!  My mom has been gone since I was 15, but I still find things in the oddest places from her)  Anyway… I tried and tried to make the slippers from the pattern.. but they just weren’t coming out right.   Finally one day, I asked a friend of the family if she happened to have the correct pattern.  And she did!    Now they are coming out perfectly!   Don’t tell my Aunts, but they are all getting a pair for Christmas!

I know they look weird, but TRUST me, they stretch to fit.

This pattern is for size 7-8 Womans.   Increase to 26 stitches to get 9-10, etc.

kfb = Knit front back
k2tog = knit two together
ssk = slip slip knit

No. 6 needles

Cast on 6 sts.

Worsted weight yarn

Row 1: kfb, knit to last stitch, kfb

Row 2: Knit across

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 24 stitches.

Increase Row: Knit 10, kfb in remaining stitches (38 stitches)

The next section is 6 inches of 2×2 ribbing:

K2, P2 (on the back side you may have to start on a on a purl, the best way to say this for ribbing is: Knit the knits and purl the purls)

Decrease row: Knit 10, K2tog across row – 24 sts. on needle

Row 3: Knit across

Row 4: k2tog, knit across to last two stitches, SSK

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have 6 stitches.

Bind off 6 stitches

Fold in half. Using a wip stitch, sew up 1 front slant and toe. On the opposite side, sew up only heal. Leaving long slant and top open. turn right side out. Pom pon if you wish.

Good Luck!

7 thoughts on “Saloma’s Slippers

  1. Oh I saw these finished up on a few of the podcasts. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I will have to make a pair for gifting and for myself, of course. I worry about them being slippery though on hard wood floor. Do you put anything on the bottom so they are not slippery coming down stairs?

    • They can be slippery on hardwood. Some people put puffy paint on the bottom, or gel caulking to make them less slippery.

      Thanks for commenting. These can also be made in the round, the pattern in the round is published by Megan Williams, and it’s call Salomas seamless slippers!

      • Thank you for getting back to me so fast! Yes, I have seen them on Stockinette Zombies. Puffy paint sounds like a great idea! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
        Knittingly, Carole

  2. In the knit in the round version, it states cast on 38 sts on each needle. Total 76 sts. But the version knitted on 2 needles number of stitches are less…. How do u acct that…

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